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Thursday, 22 December 2016

WP29 announces Privacy Shield developments

After its plenary meeting on 13 December 2016, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (“WP29”) announced some developments related to the implementation of the EU–US Privacy Shield. 

The WP29 has adopted specific communication tools for both individuals and businesses. It will publish these tools on its website so that national Data Protection Authorities (“DPAs”) can use them as a resource.

The WP29 has also confirmed that it will take on the role of “EU centralised body”, the European Union (“EU) individual complaint-handling body that was established under the Privacy Shield. Its role is to direct complaint requests about data transferred to the US for commercial purposes and further accessed for national security purposes. 

In addition, after “auditioning” US government representatives relating to the Privacy Shield Ombudsperson, the WP29 emphasised the importance of working together closely with its US counterparts on the practical aspects of the Privacy Shield. It has also continued to consider the content of the joint annual review of the Privacy Shield that the European Commission and DPAs will perform in 2017.

If you need any advice about what effect the EU-US Privacy Shield might have on your organisation’s policy for transferring personal data to and from the US, please don’t hesitate to contact Pritchetts.

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